Lee Harr missive at
Sat Oct 23 08:53:03 PDT 2004

>I downloaded the OOo-1.1.3_nl package yesterday and wanted to
>install it like I did the previous version.
>I was very surprised to see that it did *not* wanted to install with a
>pkg_add onto my freebsd-4.10p3 system. It was made dependend on de X.Org

I did the exact same thing this morning (after failing to build
the port myself...)

For what it is worth, I just pkg_delete'd my older 1.1.0 version
(but kept a package just in case) and forced the pkg_add of
the new version with the -f flag.

It complained, but so far it seems to be working.

I do not use ooo very often, so ....

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