Help! Vinum drive crashed

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Fri Oct 22 12:23:34 PDT 2004

On 10/20/2004 1:56 PM Henk wrote:

>>Vinum reported one my disks in the volume has crashed. As mentioned in
>>the thread
>>I did 2 things.
>>ttyp2 0:21 #kneh# [/home/marc>vinum start
>>Warning: defective objects
>>P BigDisk0.p0         C State: corrupt  Subdisks:     3 Size:        228 GB
>>S BigDisk0.p0.s0        State: stale    PO:        0  B Size:         76 GB
>The thread mentioned above has a final reply, which contained the solution
>for my problem:
I thought this might be a link to a message I wrote.  :)  In reading it, 
I see at the bottom I suggested that using firewire drives with vinum 
was unstable and that I would follow up.  However I can't recall if I 
ever posted my findings.

The instability with firewire on my system was due to having specified a 
SCSI delay of only 2 seconds.  The firewire drive enclosure was not 
detected in this short time frame and thus vinum did not find the drive 
when it started.  I did some experimenting and finally found that a 5 
second delay works on my system.  I'm happy to report that vinum and 
firewire have worked flawlessly together since.

Is there some way to add this note to that thread?



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