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Randall Foster threeknucklesdeep at
Fri Oct 22 06:51:02 PDT 2004

I'm new to the bsd's, came from linux and i'm having a bit of difficulty
figuring out the general philosophy.

One of the major reasons that i decided to try out the 'bsds'  is
because of the security.  I'm having a hard time however figuring out
how security issues in the ports get dealt with when there is a port
freeze, like now.  The best example i can think of is gaim...(i almost
didn't recheck the port on the 4.10 tree, it's now mysteriously up to
date, phew.)

......slightly altered next paragraph....
lets say i found out there is a msn slp buffer overflow (like currently)
and i wanted to protect i cvsuped my ports tree and then
wanted to portupgrade....... problem is...since it's a port freeze...up
until a few days ago it's still at 0.82  not the 1.02 that is out now, I
watched it and never saw version 1.00 or 1.01.  Are the ports frozen
_except_for_security_fixes or am i missing something.

I looked around on the lists for this but didn't see it and it seems
like a fairly big deal if security issues arise during a freeze.

Thanks in advance,

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