Compatibility & freeBSD

terry tyson beebum at
Wed Oct 20 15:03:12 PDT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 17:35:42 -0400, Lester Stiefel
<nissen360 at> wrote:
>      I am open to alternate OS. The person told me the OS was legit. I
> have my doubts. Now looking for Low cost or free OS to Replace current.
>    My current equipment is: Canon S450 printer, Gigabyte Motherboard
> 7zxe, 768Meg RAM, Athlon XP processor @1.4ghz, ATI Radeon 7000series
> graphics, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Audio, 3com 3c900TPO NIC, APC Backups
> CS-500.
> Will These be usable on a free BSD system?

Having doubts about something you're not familiar with is normal but
be careful not to offend all the people who have worked so hard on
this project. FreeBSD is, after all, FREE. The developers, as far as I
know, get no monetary return for their hard work.

FreeBSD is a wonderful operating system but you must be willing to
read the materials available. Just like other open source projects,
people here don't like having to hold other peoples hand. Read the two
links below to see if your hardware is supported.

Read the faq and the handbook to get a feal for what the os is all
about and especially if you are actually going to do an install.

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