Freebsd and performance

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Wed Oct 20 14:37:07 PDT 2004

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ryans at writes:
>> If those things are taking a while to be there, does fbsd have any 
>> kernel patches like linux does to improve desktop performance? For 
>> example like:
>Lord, I hope not. One of the reasons I dislike Linux (and there are 
>many) is how much independent, unofficial, hard-to-find, incompatible, 
>and distribution specific development goes on. If you have patches that 
>would benefit the project, why not submit them?

Well, realize that linux "patches" are kludges that you don't want in the
O/S proper. "speeding desktop performance" does things like bypass 
much of the stack, assuming that the box isn't going to route. Linux
has "performance features" such as panicing if a single packet doesn't
have "headroom" for a protocol header, because they don't want to do the

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