php4-* n00b queries...

Glenn Sieb ges at
Sat Oct 16 12:56:58 PDT 2004

(oops--I sent this to ports@ should have been here...sorry 'bout that!)

Ok.. I'm getting used to the new modular php#-* packages.

I would like to streamline this even further by including the proper
entries in pkgtools.conf for portupgrade.

So, for instance.. when it's upgrading, say databases/php4-dba, I'd
like to have it just take the defaults of cdb, inifile and flatfile.

Do I put this in the MAKE_ARGS section of pkgtools.conf?

~          'databases/php4-dba' => 'CDB=1 INIFILE=1 FLATFILE=1',

I just want to check this against the ports-gurus on here. :)

Thanks, in advance, everyone!


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