Spiral Eyed Girl spiraleyedgirl at
Fri Oct 15 15:34:03 PDT 2004

>hello i hope to send this email in the right place if not plz point me
>where should i send
>i wante to set up a server for www and music streams (for underground
>electronic music in cordoba argentina)
>i first stard about shoutcast and i dont want to run it over windows..
>there are my reason why not.. there is no point to talk about that
>well.. so i choosed freebsd, i ve used some linux distros before but
>just installed them. configured x and then over to windows nothing
>so when i installed freebsd 4.10 i dont know what to do, i google for
>"basic commands for freebds" but that isnt much helpfull for me
>so what i wanna know?
>if some caint point where i can find info about what i wanna do, how
>to set up a www server and a shoutcast server on freebsd
>the www server is for a simple web made over fireworks or dreamweaver
>(with a forum its possible) and to stream mp3 files of djs sets over

Stupid question I have. Did you check out the documents at

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