how do I suppress system messages?

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System messages print out to the console on tty0 only, by default.  If you
want to use the console, switch to tty1 or above.  Do this by ALT+2(tty1),
ALT+3(tty2), etc.
When you're in Vi, and syslog prints across the screen, using CTRL+L will
re-draw the screen, and remove the syslog messages.
If you want to get rid of the messages altogether, look into disabling
syslogd, via /etc/rc.conf.  (Man syslogd, or check /etc/defaults/rc.conf for

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Subject: how do I suppress system messages?

This is something that drives me crazy but I've not been able to find a way
to stop it. 

When I log into my FreeBSD 4.6 Web Server as root, I get messages from
sendmail that I can't suppress with dmesg.  They are a real pain because
they even come across the screen when I'm using VI to edit files and then I
can't figure out the line I was in the middle of editing, and end up doing a
:q! and starting over, very frustrating because we get tons of mail and it
seems like I can't do anything as root because of these messages. 

Is there a command that will suppress the messages?   I remember being able
to do that when I was working on an HP-UX system but haven't figured it out
under FreeBSD.

Thanks for any help!

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