topposting (was: colourization in ls command)

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Tue Oct 12 05:47:53 PDT 2004

>> Is top posting a policy on the FBSD list?
> Yes, it's the norm.  There are notable exceptions that show up from 
> time to
> time[1], but the majority of the posters to all the 
> mailing lists
> use bottom-posting.  You're not going to be shouted at for 
> top-posting, but it
> *is* annoying, so it would be nice if you didn't.
> [1] Jordan Hubbard, a very respectful and promiment members of the 
> FreeBSD
> community, uses top-posting.  I've seen others top-post too, like Matt 
> Dillon,
> Julian Elischer, etc.
Ok, I'll be top-posting from now an then :)
thanks for showing me the light
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