vinum swap no longer working.

Mark Frasa mark at
Sun Oct 10 10:22:29 PDT 2004


After installing FreeBSD 5.2.1, because 4.10 and even 5.1 did not
reconized mij SATA controller, i CVS-upped and upgraded to 5.2.1-p11

After that I configured Vinum to mirror (RAID 1) 2 80G Maxtor SATA

The error i am getting is:

swapon /dev/vinum/swap > swapon: /dev/vinum/swap: Operation not
supported by device 

I have taken notice of this message:

On Sunday, 28 December 2003 at 20:00:04 -0800, Micheas Herman wrote:
> This may belong on current,> I upgraded to 5.2 from 5.1 and my kernel (GENERIC) now refuses to use> 
/dev/vinum/swap as my swap device.>>  # swapon /dev/vinum/swap> swapon: /dev/vinum/swap: Operation not supported by device> #>> 
Is this a 5.2 bug or do I have vinum incorrectly configured?

This is a 5.2 bug.  It was last mentioned here a day or two ago, and
I'm currently chasing it.


Since this is a message from the 28th of December 2003 , can anyone tell me when this issue will be solved? 
Otherwise i have to consider buying PATA disks which allows me to run 4.10 again.

Thanks in Advance,

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