How to NOT load AGP?

jason jason at
Thu Oct 7 22:02:23 PDT 2004

Scott I. Remick wrote:

>My computer likes to lock up sometimes in XFree86. This last time it was
>while doing an rsync between an internal drive and an external USB drive.
>But other times it's been random. Regardless, forced to do a reset, it then
>won't start XFree86. Sometimes unloading, rebuilding, and reinstalling the
>nvidia driver helps, sometimes not. Sometimes it takes several tries. When
>it hangs, it might hang on the nvidia splash screen, a white screen, or
>(like right now) still in terminal mode after startx before it even switches
>to graphical.
>This time I can't get it to go back into XFree86 no matter how many times I
>rebuild the nvidia driver, so I'm looking elsewhere. I even tried
>portupgrade -f XFree86* but no go.
>All along I've been using the FreeBSD AGP. I'm thinking maybe I need to try
>nvidia's (some people swear one way, some the other... if only there was
>So I try rebuilding my kernel w/o "device agp". Except the kernel build
>bombs at a weird point. Unable to find any reference to other people failing
>there, I suspect a corrupt /usr/src (perhaps due to one of my many lockups).
>So I rm -R and re-cvsup it. Then the build works. I also made sure that
>agp_load="YES" was commented out of my /boot/loader.conf file. Well, upon
>rebooting I still see agp loading, confirmed w/ kldstat. So I try
>uncommenting the line but changing it to "NO". Reboot, same thing. I do some
>more research, and try adding hint.agp.0.disabled="1" to my
>/boot/device.hints file. Reboot, but AGP is still loading. Argh. I can't
>even use kldunload to remove it.
>Ok, I appeal for help now. What's the proper way to keep AGP from loading so
>that I can test my nvidia driver using the nvidia AGP and see if that's even
>the sources of my XFree86 lockup problems? I need my desktop back. I'm on
>FreeBSD 5.2.1. Thanks!
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If it's not in the kernel you can just remove the agp driver from 
/boot/kernel.  It won't load if there is nothing to load.

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