automount vs Solaris

Steve Watt steve at Watt.COM
Thu Oct 7 15:52:44 PDT 2004


I'm trying to bring a FreeBSD server up in a mostly Solaris environment,
and am currently arguing with amd.  The Solaris systems share an NIS
map (auto.nfs) that looks like
users host:/mountpoint/something/&

which gets translated (somehow) by the Solaris automount to look like
/nfs/users host:/mountpoint/something/users

But I can't figure out the incantation to get amd.conf to use that.

I've tried
[ /nfs ]
  map_type = nis
  map_name = auto.nfs

and map_type of nisplus (which didn't work).

The entry I'm trying to tickle is:
# ypcat -k auto.nfs | grep user
user west:/export/user

The error I'm getting in the log is:

Oct  7 15:47:42 appseng1 amd[536]: key user: No value component in "west:/export/user"
Oct  7 15:47:42 appseng1 amd[536]: No fs type specified (key = "user", map = "auto.nfs")

It feels like there's some magic bit I'm missing.

[ pls cc:, I'm behind on -questions ]

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