Why does ssh require a password on new machine?

stan stanb at panix.com
Wed Oct 6 06:02:20 PDT 2004

I jst installed a new FreeBSD STABLE box, and it seems to insist on a
password when I ssh from an existing machine. I've added the (I think)
appropriate entry to the ~/s.ssh/known_hosts fiel on the new machine.

Here is ssh -v on a mcahine that works:

Script started on Wed Oct  6 08:44:45 2004
stan at pmail:~$ ssh cogenal
Last login: Wed Oct  6 08:44:13 2004 from pmail.meadwestv
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FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE (ALARMS) #2: Fri Jul 30 13:51:03 EDT 2004

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ports/net/netcat port is useful not only for redirecting input/output
to TCP or UDP connections, but also for proxying them. See inetd(8) for
$ ^DConnection to cogenal closed.
stan at pmail:~$ 
Script done on Wed Oct  6 08:44:55 2004

And here it is on the new machine:

Script started on Wed Oct  6 08:45:29 2004
stan at pmail:~$ ssh kilnal

stan at pmail:~$ 
Script done on Wed Oct  6 08:45:39 2004

What am I doing worn here?

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