Floppy drive is going nuts

Daniela dgw at liwest.at
Tue Oct 5 13:23:37 PDT 2004

Recently, my floppy drive isn't working properly. The kernel often panics on 
unmount of a UFS floppy, and sometimes also while reading or writing an 
ordinary DOS-formatted floppy. Very often, the data is corrupted, but when 
formatting the floppy, it shows no errors. And once I tried to write a file 
(which is just a little bit over 1440k in size) to a 1720k formatted floppy 
(worked properly in the past), and the result was a complete system lockup.
I had to do a hard reset to bring it back. This is reproducable.

I'm running 4.10-STABLE. How can I tell whether this is a software bug or 
flaky hardware?


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