Addendum: When Unix Stops Being Fun

Dave Vollenweider metaridley at
Sun Oct 3 06:52:36 PDT 2004

I thank you all for your responses so far.  I actually meant to post my original message to FreeBSD Newbies, but I posted it here by mistake.  Since the damage has been done, I may as well continue.

I just wanted to clarify a few things about where I'm coming from:

1) I'm not actually going for the RHCE certification.  That page which talked about what would be required was just something I came across when I was Googling for tips on how to start a SA career.  I mention it because most of the responses to the original question dealt more with system adiministration in general, and I thought it was worth paying attention to for that reason.

2) The one job I have right now that entails system administration is a volunteer job at my alma mater's student run radio station.  They have four Windows boxes, a NetBSD box that I set up, and a Mac that I also want to put NetBSD on as soon as I can get it to boot the installer.  Right now the problems I have to deal with mainly have to do with the automation software for two of the Windows boxes and getting at least one of the network cards for the NetBSD box registered with the university so that it can be on their network.

My apologies for posting to the wrong list; that was dumb of me, I know.

- Dave

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