Good Outlook Calendar Replacement in ports?

Benjamin Walkenhorst krylon at
Fri Oct 1 08:08:12 PDT 2004

On Fri, 01 Oct 2004 05:09:25 -0700
Rob <europax at> wrote:

> Made my doc a committment to put appointments on FreeBSD, like I used
> to do at work on Windoze.  No more missed ones LOL.
> Is there a good desk app in ports that will do this? Doesnt have to be
> fancy, just work reliably.  Something that ran in background would be 
> perfect.  And no- I'm not going to put them in as cron jobs  HAHA
> Thanks,  Rob

KDE has Kontact. Also, Evolution comes to mind.
I think I remember there was a KDE app called korganizer, which also had
some functionality for managing appointments among several users.

I have never worked with Kontact and Evolution and only little
experience with Korganizer on a single-user desktop.

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