Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Tue Nov 30 07:20:40 PST 2004

j p wrote:

>how do i FTP freebsd? do i need some other software? i need step 
>by step. is there some other site i can just download it?
>thank you

Hmm, have you had specific problems with ftp.freebsd.org?

If you want to install FreeBSD via FTP, one method is to get
the installation floppies from the site.  I'm assuming you have a
Microsoft Windows computer.  If not, these instructions would
have to be changed somewhat.  Point your browser
or other FTP tool at (note that this is for the i386, or "PC compatible"


 From that folder, grab "boot.flp", "kern1.flp", "kern2.flp", and

The README.TXT file describes the process of creating the floppy
disks ... it's not simply a copy.  To do this from Windows/DOS,
you would also need "fdimage.exe" which is available from:


The README file pretty much tells you what to do from there.
Be sure to bookmark the FreeBSD Handbook, as it covers not
only installation, but almost everything else (and is prettier than
a README, :-D ):


And if you have further questions that you can't find answers for
in the Handbook or from a search engine, send as many details
as possible (without creating a huge email) back to the list; many
people are very helpful at questions at freebsd.org.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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