simple router ?

Charles Ulrich charles at
Tue Nov 30 06:56:51 PST 2004

Frank Bonnet said:
> Hi
> I'm planning to build a simple router with FreeBSD the machine will not
> support firewalling, it will be a straight router that route between the
> two interfaces :-) it will be dedicated to this service.
> What would be the best version of FreeBSD to perform such operation
> 4.10 or 5.3 ?

If your needs are simple, don't use any full-featured FreeBSD release for a
firewall. It's too much time to set up, lock down, and you could probably
spend days just tweaking firewall rules if you haven't done it before.

Instead, check out m0n0wall, a FreeBSD-based firewall that's been stripped
down and rebuilt for the singular purpose of routing packets.

There's also IPCop, if you're willing to try a Linux-based solution.

Charles Ulrich
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