USB Flash Drive

Brian Bobowski bbobowski at
Tue Nov 30 00:15:15 PST 2004

RL wrote:

>I just got a new USB 2.0 flashdrive that I want to access.  It
>recognizes it fine as da0.  I am wondering how I actually mount that. 
>Do I need an entry in /etc/fstab?  If not how would I mount it with
>the mount -t command?
Yes, put an entry in /etc/fstab for it. e.g.:

/dev/da0       /flash[1]      msdosfs[2]      rw

[1]Or whatever you call the mount point(make sure the mount point 
exists, of course)
[2]To the best of my knowledge, most devices format their Flash memory 
as an MSDOS FAT filesystem; my digital camera certainly does, and this 
is the entry I put for the CF card reader.

You probably don't want to dump or check this, nor mount it auto, since 
it's removable media; if I'm wrong, put in the appropriate options(from 
man fstab and man mount).


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