Updating packages list (using cvsup?)

Olaf Greve o.greve at axis.nl
Fri Nov 26 05:45:22 PST 2004

Hi all,

I was wondering about a thingy.

Whenever I use sysinstall to add a package, the list seems to be
constantly the same (i.e. often outdated), whereas more recent versions
should be available of several of the packages. Of course I can manually
d/l the packages and if necessary compile them and install them, but I
have also heard of the possibility of using cvsup to automatically
update the packages tree.

Now, I have installed cvsup, and I quickly browsed over the man pages (I
have to admit that I have not yet been able to spend much time on this),
but I was wondering if this is really the best way to go. Sure, it does
automatically update collections, etc., but is this really the handiest
tool out there for this particular task?

If not, can anyone please name me an alternative (approach)?
If it is, OTOH, can anyone please give me some quick pointers for
setting this up correctly, and/or point me to a page where this process
is explained.

Thanks in advance, and cheers!

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