Don't know what else to do - NetGEAR WG311 54Mbps PCI card not recognized

Dundar Turker Turker.Dundar at
Wed Nov 24 17:23:03 PST 2004

Hi There,

I installed FreeBSD 5.3 from CD and later downloaded RELENG_5_3 from a FreeBSD CVS site, then added ath and ath_hal as devices in the kernel configuration file. I generated the new kernel and rebooted the machine with it successfully.  However, still I cannot get the kernel to recognize my WG311 NetGEAR PCI card.  I searched the net for possible solutions people provided but found none... There are a number of people repoting the same driver (or configuration) problem but there is no answer I could find. 

I am very desperate now and not sure where to go from here...  Could you please help to get this wireless network adapter to work. I looked into the output from dmesg and there is not even a word to show it was seen by the kernel.

Many thanks,
Turker Dundar

turker.dundar at

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