cvsup to 5.3?

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Wed Nov 24 13:50:26 PST 2004

Damien Hull wrote:
> Looks like I didn't do a "make clean" when I installed kde. I know have
> 3.5G in /usr. 
> Is there an easy way to find out which ports need to have "make clean"
> done?

I have a script: cleans up ports with a "work" dir and removes distfiles 
that no port is refering to. Not perfect - it doesn't descend deeply 
into distfiles directories. Also, I'd like to add the posibility of 
removing old packages if you "make package".

But, it works good enough :-)

you can also "make NOCLEANDEPENDS=yes clean" in /usr/ports, but this 
won't remove old distfiles. If you do not use NOCLEANDEPENDS=yes, make 
clean will clean out dependencies for each port which will do multimple 
cleans on a lot of ports. Takes extra time.

Cheers, Erik
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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# $Id$
# This script cleans up the ports tree removing work-directories and
# moving created packages to /var/pkg

use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Copy;
my $ports_dir = "/usr/ports";               # Ports directory to clean
my $pkg_dir   = "";                         # Directory to store packages

my %distfile;

foreach my $group (glob("$ports_dir/*")) {
  next unless -d $group;                    # Can't descend into a file

  # skip ports special directories
  next if $group =~ /$ports_dir\/(distfiles|Mk|Templates|Tools)/;

  print "Descending into $group:\n";
  foreach my $port (glob("$group/*")) {

    if (-d "$port/work") { # Clean up ports work directory.
      print "   Cleaning up $port\n";
      system("make -C $port NOCLEANDEPENDS=yes clean")
        and warn "   Unable to cleanup $port: $!";

    if (-f "$port/distinfo") { # Read distinfo to clean up distfiles dir
        or warn "   Failed reading $port/distinfo: $!\n" and next;
      while(my $line = <DIST>) {
        if ($line =~ /MD5 \((.*?)\)\s*=\s*(\w+)/) {
          $distfile{$1} = $2;

    if ($pkg_dir) {
      foreach my $pkg (glob("$port/*.tgz"), glob("$port/*.tbz")) {
        print "   Moving package to $pkg_dir:\n";
        # Do stuff

# We could recurse deep, but there are no sub-sub directories.
print "Cleaning up distfiles directory: \n";
foreach my $file (glob("$ports_dir/distfiles/*")) {
  if (-d $file) {
    foreach my $subfile (glob("$file/*")) {
      -d $subfile and warn "Found deep directory: $subfile\n" and next;
      my ($base) = $subfile =~ /$ports_dir\/distfiles\/(.*)/;
      if (! defined $distfile{$base} ) {
        print "Removing old distfile: $base\n";
        unlink $subfile;
  else { # Remove unknown source files
    my ($base) = $file =~ /$ports_dir\/distfiles\/(.*)/;
    if (! defined $distfile{$base} ) {
      print "Removing old distfile: $base\n";
      unlink $file;

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