CVSup questions

Jay O'Brien jayobrien at
Tue Nov 23 19:58:29 PST 2004

I have a system that right now I'm using to learn FreeBSD. I want to go 
through the update process that I assume I'll have to follow regularly 
once the computer is up and running as a web and mail server.  Right 
now I'm not concerned about backups; that's my next project.

I'm attempting to follow "Using CVSup" and learn how CVSup works. See:

Questions about CVSup:

1. Where should I place supfile?  Obviously I could put it anywhere 
and make it work, but is there a usual place for it? I can't find 
where the manual makes a suggestion. Do I have a need for more than 
one supfile?

2. I am running 5.3 RELEASE. It appears that if I specify "*default 
tag=." that I will be getting updates from "current". Is this what I 
should do, given that I want to stay current on security and bug 
fixes, but I don't (at this time) intend to get involved with beta 
testing?  Or should I specify *default tag=RELENG_5_3? And, if I do 
that, will the ports be updated, including adding new ports?

3. The tutorial at 
after item 68 describes CVSup. It suggests using the supfile 
/usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile which gets the "ports-all" 
collection. However, the Using CVSup manual says to get "src-all", 
that includes ports-all. Is there some reason to use ports-all, not 
src-all as suggested by the handbook?

4. The tutorial (see 3 above) item 97 concludes, after running cvsup, 
"FreeBSD is installed, CONGRATULATIONS!" Isn't this a bit premature? 
It seems to me that at that point I need to rebuild world per
to apply the new files and bring the system up to date. Am I missing 

Jay O'Brien
Rio Linda, California, USA

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