unsure about /etc/hosts

Dick Davies rasputnik at hellooperator.net
Mon Nov 22 13:10:48 PST 2004

* Oliver Fuchs <oliverfuchs at onlinehome.de> [1107 21:07]:

> # Host Database
> #
> # This file should contain the addresses and aliases for local hosts that
> # share this file.  Replace 'my.domain' below with the domainname of your
> # machine.
> #
> #
> ::1			localhost localhost.my.domain
>		localhost localhost.my.domain
> So my hostname is I.and.I so the /etc/hosts entry must be:
> ::1			localhost localhost.and.I
>		localhost localhost.and.I
> Now regarding some programs (e.g. mutt) this option is not able to deliver
> mail locally instead putting it in /var/spool/mqueue or
> /var/spool/clientmqueue.
> If I use this:
> ::1			localhost I.and.I
>		localhost I.and.I

This sets your hostname to point to the localhost address - is that what you 
want? Normally, you set your hostname to a public IP (or at least a network
connected IP)


::1			localhost localhost.and.I		localhost localhost.and.I	I.and.I

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