5.3 SSH Unable to authenticate

Nikolas Britton freebsd at nbritton.org
Mon Nov 22 09:16:41 PST 2004

scott renna wrote:

>Hello list,
>Had a concern regarding sshd on a freshly built and
>cvsuped 5.3 box.  Here's whats going on.  Whenever I
>try to ssh to the system from a Windows client, my
>system accepts the FreeBSD SSH key, but then cannot
>This is the message received from SecureCRT:
>SecureCRT has disconnected from the server. Reason: 
>Unable to authenticate using any of the configured
>authentication methods.
>I checked SecureCRT's configuration and it is as it
>was when I was running 5.2.  I had no issues sshing. 
>I took at look at /etc/ssh/sshd_config and the section
>entitled Authentication, and here's what is shown on
>line 38:
>#LoginGraceTime 2m
>Is it odd for there to be nothing under
>Authentication?  I don't have a 5.2 box to take a look
>at to view its sshd_config file.
Maybe there a dns or hostname problem and SecureCRT is hanging up before 
ssh times out and gives you a prompt, weird stuff happens to *nix boxes 
when dns, etc/hosts is messed up. the only other advise is to try sshing 
to localhost and try PuTTY instead of SecureCRT.

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