bypass beastie press <1> to boot

Kevin Smith smithcam at
Sun Nov 21 19:41:38 PST 2004

I prefer that I don't have to wait for timeout - ie it just boots 
directly with no timeout or interaction from user.

thanks, -K

Eric Kjeldergaard wrote:

>>Is there a  simple  way to configure the boot loader so that it
>>immediately boots freebsd from the harddisk without having to get the
>>beastie menu and pressing the <1> key.
>This may seem a bit basic, but you realise that you don't have to
>press the '1' key, right?  It'll boot up after the timeout.  It's only
>like 10 seconds or so and the other options can be quite useful if you
>happen to need to boot to single user mode.

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