device problem

Ivars ivars at
Sun Nov 21 11:49:04 PST 2004

I got an old PC - Compaq Deskpro 4000 - 166mhz/64ram/etc.
And i tried to install FreeBSD 5.2 on it, but i failed. Everything goes ok - system boots normaly (from CD), freebsd installer starts, and when i choose to install it says - "no disks found". and this message also appears when i want to change source media ("no cdrom/dvdrom found") or load install configuration ("no floppies found").
I tried to google my problem, but there were no good results.
Linux is installing and working perfectly on this computer, but freebsd fails to install.

maybe you could help?

but dont suggest to go into the bios - i can`t get into it :)))


ivars at

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