Building own installer DVD with customized packages bundle

Nyoman sekali at
Sun Nov 21 06:36:57 PST 2004

I want to build a DVD for release 5.3, so that I can have
bunch of packages in just one installer media.

I have read this two articles:

so far the basic ideas that I grasp are:
- to make the list of 'wanted' packages, I should use as reference:
- do the actual splitting of the packages
   (that is, to only 1 DVD and 'scratch' directory),
   using the scripts available at ports/Tools/scripts/release/
   as base/reference.

but i have no experience before with creating ISO for FreeBSD,
so I want to know,..
- how do I incorporate the newly 'splitted' packages to the
   FreeBSD installer CD (i.e Disc 1 of 5.3 RELEASE)
- what else should I consider?

thanks a lot,

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