NEW: cannot ssh to my computer

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Sat Nov 20 21:34:50 PST 2004

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> Hello,
> Please excuse my re-posting of the same problem but, simply, I have no
> clue
> how to fix my account. Below you can see the previous postings. What
> puzzles
> me is that if I create a new user this user can connect trough ssh
> no
> problems. Only my account is rejected.
> Thank you for your help,
> Ivan
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> Hello Ivan:
> Have you confirmed that all of your local files have the correct
> permissions *and* ownership?  Are you the appropriate owner of your
> directory?
> Mike

Hi Mike,

Yes, all of the files/directories in my home directory have the right 
ownership. I do not know what you mean by "right permission" since each
of file can have different permissions. If you meant the permissions in
~/.ssh directory they are:

bash-2.05b$ ll
total 234
drwx------   2 ivan  ivan     512 Nov 19 22:05 .
drwxr-xr-x  28 ivan  ivan  198656 Nov 20 21:04 ..
-rw-r--r--   1 ivan  ivan     595 Nov 19 22:05 authorized_keys
-rw-------   1 ivan  ivan     668 Nov 19 22:00 id_dsa
-rw-r--r--   1 ivan  ivan     595 Nov 19 22:00
-rw-r--r--   1 ivan  ivan    1817 Nov 20 14:20 known_hosts

Another interesting thing that I missed before in var/log/messages is :
sshd[45489]: error: PAM: success for ivan from ........

while in /var/log/auth.log I see:
sshd[45489]: Failed keyboard-interactive/pam for ivan from ... port
56269 ssh2

Thanks for your help,


This may be a stretch but I know that SSH can be quite finicky about
directory permissions.  Try setting your .ssh directory to 0700.  I
think the go+x on the directory itself may be causing you problems.


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