OT: Powerbook Problem.

Nagilum freebsd at nagilum.org
Sat Nov 20 23:29:40 GMT 2004

Reboot the machine, before the OS loads press the 'c' key to boot from 
CD-Rom or press the option key to have Openfirmware scan for bootable 
devices and then you can select from which to boot via mouse.
See: http://www.jacsoft.co.nz/Mac_Keys.htm
for more..

pixiedave wrote:

>Hope someone can help!  When I boot my powerbook, my desktop image
>loads, and then the apple bar starts to load, then the rainbow wheel
>keeps spinning, and the apple bar keeps flashing on and off as iif it
>is trying to load.  A disc will eject with the eject button, and the
>volume buttons work including the display, but the os never finishes
>loading.  So I want to reinstall, but how do i get the g4 to boot from
>the install dvd without having the machine up and running, installing
>the disc, choosing install and rebooting?  I imagine there is a key
>sequence, but cant find it

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