uninstall freebsd

Dick Davies rasputnik at hellooperator.net
Thu Nov 18 05:11:52 PST 2004

* Ton Keesmaat <keesmaat at tiscali.nl> [1106 13:06]:
> Question:
> I got a PC where freeBSD is installed. I want to uninstall freeBSD and
> format my the harddrive so i can install Windows.
> When starting the PC it asks for a login name and password which i don't
> know. Booting with a floppy with MS Windows 98 works...finally i am at the
> A: drive but i cannot go to the c: drive because he does not recognise this.
> Can i get some info for how to to this? Or is there an internetpage with
> info about this problem


Seriously, just format the drive and start again.

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