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On Monday 15 November 2004 19:10, Danny Browne wrote:
> I'm sure i'll get my head bitten off for posting this in here, but i'm not
> getting any replys from any of the gnome forums.
> Does any 1 know what packages i need to install to get this working
> properly? I assumed that the gnome2-fifth-toe package would install
> everything it neeeded itself, but obviously not, since i had to install
> gnome2session and gnome2controllcenter myself from ports just to get gnome
> to work at all. I'm still having a number of problems with it though;

First install the gnome2 meta-port/package, then install gnome2-fifth-toe. 
This should fetch all required run-time dependencies.
You can read a lot of FreeBSD related information about gnome here:

> 1. gdm seems not to be not starting up (and yes i have replaced xdm with
> gdm in my /etc/ttys)

You overlooked gdm's pkg-message. You can re-view it by using the pkg_info 
command 'pkg_info -D gdm2'.

> 2. Even when gnome starts up alot of the packages installed by fifth toe
> (such as the GIMP, gstreamer, totem and many more) are not showing up in
> the applications menu.

Gimp and Totem should show up in the apps menu, if they are installed. Maybe 
there are some gnome2 dependencies missing on your system, so things don't 
work as expected. Gstreamer is a  development framework, not a media-player.

> 3. gaelon browser operates VERY VERY slowly
> 4. dialogs popup on startup displaying error messages about one of the
> applets gnome attempted to start on the menu bars (but only for one of the
> applets)

What says the message-text?

> 5. standard packages like unzip for tar balls are not present. if i right
> click a tar ball there is no unzip or extract option.

The archive manager's online help says that "If you have the appropiate 
command-line tools installed on your system ...". This means you need to 
decide which archivers you want to use and install them. shows a list of FreeBSD archiver 


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