No really a question more like a reminder.

New Age Affiliation, Inc. newageaffiliation at
Mon Nov 15 01:28:00 GMT 2004




I Love the OS and work your team and others do to maintain and put out new
releases of FreeBSD. 




The actual subject of this e-mail is to remind or perhaps even let you know
that the floppies for 5.3 are a little different and sort of tricky for
those used to the older ways. The three files boot.flp kern1.flp and
kern2.flp do not have instructions that I found to follow. It is common
sense after a little run with it but still the manual for 5.3 still follows
the older modes with kern.flp and mfsroot.flp. Thank you for your great OS
and I wish you the best of luck and perhaps one day I might join the team ;)
Take care!

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