Dual Boot with Windows XP

Giuliano Cardozo Medalha giulianocm at uol.com.br
Sat Nov 13 18:40:52 GMT 2004


I have started with FreeBSD 5.3 one week ago.

I had some experience with the system ... only it in my machine.

I have never used the boot loader and it rules.

Now I have a different situation:

My first IDE drive is (on IDE 0 - master) .... with windows XP 
controlling it MBR.

My second IDE drive  (on IDE 0 - slave) .... is with FreeBSD 5.3 
controlling it MBR.

How can I do to configure the boot loader and the scripts: loader.rc and 
loader.conf to create
a dual boot environment using FreeBSD boot loader ?

I have to install the file boo0 on windows XP MBR drive ?

And about the configurations to put them all in the same menu ?

Thanks a lot,


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