Root login at console

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Sat Nov 13 06:51:50 GMT 2004

I am setting up some 5.3 systems and have encountered a situation I 
can't figure out.  I have had the following (and only) active line in 
4.6 systems /etc/login.allow:

-:ALL EXCEPT user1 user2 user3: ALL

That only permitted logins from those 3 users and not root.  The users 
had to su to get to root - even on the console.  However that same line 
in 5.3 doesn't let anyone su to root (terminal or console).  I have to 
add root to the list:

-:ALL EXCEPT root user1 user2 user3: ALL

Then the users can su to root.  However root can login on the console 
directly which I don't want.  I have tried a few diferent approaches to 
make this work but none have succeeded.  What am I missing?  Thanks.

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