want to change my gateway to fbsd from win xp

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Sat Nov 13 02:44:27 GMT 2004

Mike Schuette wrote:

> Marty Landman wrote:
>> My office network is set up as follows:
>> gateway/win xp home ed./apache
>> fbsd 4.8/apache
>> rh linux 9/apache
>> win xp home/lots of im'g
>> win xp home
>> * dual boot - debian/win me
>> That last one's pending a repair and os installs currently runs w98.
>> I'd like to move the gateway from my xp workstation to the fbsd box. 
>> This raises a bunch of questions for me:
>> 1. is there a CLI query to let me find the speed of the currently 
>> installed modem?
>> 2. besides plugging my phone line into the fbsd modem and moving my 
>> xp hosts file to /etc/hosts, what else is needed? e.g. how do I setup 
>> the isp connection and the fbsd equivalent of window's internet 
>> connection service?
> <snip, snip, snip>
> I suggest you read the handbook for dialup connections, specifically 
> the section titled "Using User PPP".  As usual, there are many ways to 
> accomplish this task, but this is probably the easiest to set up.

I would recommend avoiding natd, and using userland ppp with the -nat 
option instead.  I run
my wife's Winbox (and my laptop) out through a FBSD 5.3 machine that 
calls "ppp -nat -background myisp"....

The handbook's section on PPP was quite helpful to me, and is really a 
must in this instance.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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