Upgrade to 5.3

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Thu Nov 11 23:39:12 GMT 2004

On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 03:36:15PM -0800, Doug Hardie wrote:
> I am doing some testing of 5.3 in preperation to converting a number of 
> production boxes from 4.6.  A couple questions I have not been able to 
> find answers for:
> One of my systems has a very large IDE drive that is used to hold some 
> long term very large files that are rarely created but occasionally 
> referenced.  The system disks are all SCSI.  When I convert that system 
> will the IDE drive (UFS format obviously) be mountable on 5.3?  Or do I 
> need to reformat it also?  I don't have any easy way to preserve those 
> files because of their size.

You don't need to reformat; 5.3 reads UFS filesystems (and this is
unlikely to ever change).

> The port pstack doesn't work on the basic 5.3 install.  It expects 
> /proc to be there.  I can mount /proc and then pstack works just fine.  
> My guess is that proc was removed for a reason.

procfs is historically very insecure against malicious local users.
If you don't care, you can just continue to mount procfs.


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