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> > A person may not realize there is a place such a complaint can be
> > sent other than posting it on the list.   Probably they could find
> > out by reading up on the use of the list, but if they didn't realize
> > the one, they might not think of the other either.   So, though not 
> > quite the right way to go about dealing with the situation, it might 
> > not have had the dastardly intent you describe.
> That is a point.
> > Also, there is a difference between censorship and taking an action
> > against abuse of persons.   The behavior indicated is indeed abusive.  
> That is a judgement that needs to be made by the people running the
> list, not by the recipient of 'the abuse'  Anybody that is being
> told to shut up, or is being told they are an idiot, is going to
> claim it abuse.

Well, the person did address his complaint to the "moderator" of the 
list and, tho sent to the wrong place, did not address it to the 
list per se.    

The attack mentioned was particularly virulent and personal but you are
right, I have seen plenty of other times when such language was used
(doesn't make it right or acceptable though).  Most often it was followed 
by someone telling the person such was not acceptable on the list.  Sending 
such a attack message off the list in response to legitimate posting should 
not be acceptable either.

Finally, it is up to the list manager to choose what to do.  I don't
think anyone has disagreed with that - at not in a public posting.


> I would consider something like posting someone's complete name,
> address, phone number along with a statement that you and your
> Klan friends are going to be there Friday with a rope, to be
> abusive.  But simple name calling?  pish posh.  I wish I had
> a nickle for every time someone swore on a mailing list!
> > Interdicting that type of behavior stands short of censorship, though
> > the issue of appropriate action is such a case is never completely clear.
> > 
> Fortunately though, we don't have to make a decision on the
> appropriateness of any action taken.
> Ted
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