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Nelis Lamprecht nlamprecht at
Wed Nov 10 23:14:16 PST 2004

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 23:05:06 -0600, Jeff Hobson <jhobson at> wrote:
> I have a machine running win 2000. I want to completely convert the machine to FreeBSD (not run anything else), I boot from the 5.2 cd and choose use all the disk and choose automatic to have the system decide what to place where. I creates the necessary partitions/filesystems (/, var,swap and /usr) on what I assume to be the 4 windows partitions already existing. It then proceeds to install the system and I answer all the questions and the disk flashes and the cdrom blinks for about an hour. It finally finishes and returns to the sysinstall screen. I exit and it says it will now reboot. It does. INTO THE WINDOWS 2000 SYSTEM!. I took a look at the disks and there is not a trace of the FreeBSD filestructure or files. ANYWHERE!!. I am very puzzled. It looked like all was going just fine. but for some reason, the filesystem was written to some other planet or the installation aborted and restored all the previous filesystem (there was no message to indicate that happened). I am, what I consider, a very experienced computer systems analyst. Up until this time, I have never seen this happen with any install before. I am sure that I have done/overlooked some critical step that somehow bypassed the system install and never made the machine into the FreeBSD box I wanted.
> Any ideas? Any further information I can provide to investigate this? Thank you for your help and attention.

Very odd. If you run fdisk on Windows2000 do you not see a non-dos
partition anywhere where perhaps FreeBSD was installed ? Did you
remember to set your partition as bootable  by FreeBSD when you
selected to use all disk space ? You could always try using fdisk to
delete any/all partitions first then install FreeBSD.

Good luck.


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