RDEsktop/VNC questions

Matthew T. Lager freebsd at trinetworks.com
Wed Nov 10 15:38:43 PST 2004

rdesktop (net/rdesktop) is flawless. Use it everday to manage my Windows
2000 Servers. Supports many many many different features. Highly

> Quick question about interconnectivity.
> You OSX users may be familiar with a very slick little utility called
> RDC (Remote Desktop Connection).  Some of you other *BSDers may also be
> familiar with one called VNC (Visual Network Connection ?) or RDP (?).
> The purpose of said utilities is to provide a sort of graphical shell
> similar to an X session from a remote machine in a window.
> There are several rdesktop and vnc clients in the ports, so rather than
> go through the flurry of install-tryout-uninstall/repeat, I figured I'd
> go to the place to ask questions.  Here.
> So, who's using these clients, and how effective have you been finding
> them?  Any gotchas?  How cool is it?  Do they just plain suck?  And more
> to the point, which one(s) should I start with on the short list?
> All feedback is welcome - and appreciated.
> Lou
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