Two NICs with one IP address each on the same subnet

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Wed Nov 10 13:32:27 PST 2004

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speisert at writes:
"I have a FreeBSD 5.x box with two NICs that I'd like
to set up on the same subnet.  The purpose is to run
separate services on each NIC.  I have the box set up
with my rc.conf containing the following lines:

ifconfig_xl0="inet ...  netmask"
ifconfig_sk0="inet ...  netmask mtu

The router and IP addresses are all on the same
subnet, as I previously mentioned.  Unfortunately, the
first IP address seems not to work (I can ssh to the
second, but not the first).  Is there something
special I need to do to the routing to get this to
work?  Anything to the kernel?  "


You are breaking the rules. 

The entire point of "routing" is that each segment is a different network.
So you'll have to further subnet to do what you want. Or set up Bridging

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