Intel Xeon 64 Bit Hardware Question

Sean Murphy smurphy at
Tue Nov 9 11:27:24 PST 2004

Will FreeBSD 5.3 Run on this Hardware Configuration
Network Cards
I would also like to Hardware Raid 5 with the Intel Raid Card
Would this be seamless to FreeBSD?

5U Intel SC5300 Rack Mount Black
Dual Intel CPU Xeon 3GHz CPU, 64-bit, 1mb cache
Intel Gigabit Ethernet x 2
2 GB ECC memory
4 144GB (raid 5) and 1 144GB SCSI Hot Spare so a total of 5 drives
Intel Server MB
Built in Video
Intel SCSI Raid 5 controller
CD-ROM / Floppy
PS2 Mouse / Keyboard

Sean Murphy
Network Technician
California Institute of the Arts
smurphy at

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