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Thomas Lippert tlippert362 at
Mon Nov 8 18:57:12 PST 2004

TM4526 at wrote:
> In a message dated 11/8/04 4:59:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> mkb at writes:
>>This is a technical forum? Yikes!
>>Is it, Mr./Ms. "TM4526 at"?
Used to be Mr./Ms. "TM4525 at"?
and in a bit will be Mr./Ms. "TM4527 at"? <sigh>
It would be nice if TM452? could more or less refrain from
trolling though, and perhaps <gasp> back one of the claims
up. These posts used to be kind of amusing, but now they
just clog up the list.
> Well then why don't you fill Mr. "I pay my ISP so I should be able to use all
> the bandwidth I want" how things really work, because I don't have the 
> energy.
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