re bittorrent

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Sun Nov 7 18:57:28 PST 2004

Quinn Ellis wrote:

> Why do you download with bittorrent as opposed to FTP?

Lets do the math...
you'll note that at this moment says 
there's been 1978 completed downloads.
Lets pick an arbitrary average size for each file downloaded: 388MB

388 * 1978 = 767.5GB

11/7 at 8:30PM: Now
11/6 at 5:00PM: Official availability of 5.3
27.5 Hours

767.5 / 27.5 = 27.9GB/h / 60 = 465MB/m / 60 = 7.75MB/s
All of this data and bandwidth above has been shifted off the servers 
and onto the downloaders. This saves freebsd and its primary mirrors 
money, this is why I chose to download freebsd via bittorrent and why 
I'm going keep my bittorrent client open for others.

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