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Lloyd Hayes lloyd545220-trucker at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 6 09:28:41 PST 2004

I figured that starting over with FBSD 5.2.1 was a good idea, installing 
less software this time. However, on impulse, I installed v5.3 No new 
problems until I got to Xorg.

I have the new docs downloaded from FreeBSD. "The FreeBSD Handbook" from 
The FreeBSD Documentation Project,  and "Frequently Asked Questions" 
from the same place. They give some information about Xorg.

Typing 'startx" gets me to a graphical screen similar to the setup 
screen used in xorg -config. My only option was to hit 
Ctrl-Alt-Back_Space to get out of it.
I then tried to use xdm -config.
I get to the point where it asks for name and password. This is 
mentioned in the handbook. There is no security level set, so the system 
is at it's default level. I'm logged in as root, so I type "root" and my 
root password. It loops back to the same menu each time that I do this. 
Any other input here just produces a wrong name. It won't accept a blank 
input either.

(At this point, I was looking for the author, a rope, and a tall tree.
My 2nd option was to send this email....)

Is there a secret code to getting into Xorg and setting it up for Gnome?


Lloyd Hayes

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