Don't feed the (your word here): (was: Compatible NIC)

TM4526 at TM4526 at
Thu Nov 4 17:06:23 PST 2004

> > grog at writes:
> > A member of the Gustapo said:
> This is offensive.

get over it already. Nobody really cares anyway.

> >  Its easy to dismiss people who ask hard questions as "trolls". Its
> > a lot more difficult to answer the questions credibly.
> I don't think we should dignify your behaviour as a "troll".  But
> there's one thing you have in common with a troll: if we ignore you,
> you will lose interest.  I'd ask all other people on the list to take
> any correspondence with our nameless one offline.  Better would be no
> correspondence at all.
> Greg

Thats where you're wrong. I couldn't care less about you or the other
6 guys that pipe in with your whining time after time. Because 
somewhere there are people that want to read my comments, so 
that they can accept or reject them or at least consider that my 
experience has some value. Somewhere someone is 
reading my entire message, rather than just looking for a half
sentence to attack out of context like yourself and the other bozos 
on here that waste just as much time as the people they criticize.

The liberals have been ridiculing great men since the beginning of 
time, but they keep winning elections. No matter how true your 
words there will always be hecklers and fools. Dismissing them
is easy, because they don't have anything useful to say themselves.

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