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>1) Wasted my time and everyone elses who read this crap.
>2) Tried to give certain freebsd developers a bad name.>
>3) Discredited several others on the list.
>4) Contributed NO facts or hard evidence to back your claims.

I provided many facts, and since no one provided any 
opposition to my "facts",  why do you 
categorically reject them? I can't come to any conclusion
other than you don't understand the subject matter. Because
if you did you wouldn't think I wasted anyone's time.

The start of this thread:

"I want to buy a NIC and I want it to be compatible with FreeBSD.
Is RealTek 8139 compatible with FreeBsd ?"

The answer:

"Yes, it will work.  The rl0 driver works fine.  Be advised it's not the 
"greatest" NIC and you may drop packets under heavy load.  I've never 
experienced packet loss, but I've read about it and others on the list 
have hinted at it before."

Well lets see. If a driver drops packets, it doesn't "work fine", now 
does it? Not only is the "not the greatest NIC", its probably the worst, 
evidenced by the author's own comments. So I don't see what "facts"
you are looking for. 

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