Problems with portupgrade

Ralph M. Los Ralph at
Tue Nov 2 21:06:20 PST 2004

	When I try to do a "portupgrade -var" I get some of these
errors, and I'm not sure how to resolve them:

--->  Session started at: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 00:41:12 -0500
Stale dependency: ImageMagick- --> xorg-libraries-6.7.0_2 --
manually run 'pkgdb -F' to fix, or specify -O to force.
--->  Session ended at: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 00:41:12 -0500 (consumed

Now, I actually DID try "pkgdb -F" and get this:

bash-2.05b# pkgdb -F
--->  Checking the package registry database
Stale dependency: ImageMagick- -> xorg-libraries-6.7.0_2
New dependency? (? to help): ?
 [Enter] to skip, [Ctrl]+[D] to delete,  [.][Enter] to abort, [Tab] to
New dependency? (? to help): /usr/ports/x11/xorg-libraries
Please choose one of these:
Hermes-1.3.3_1  ImageMagick-  ORBit2-2.10.4
XFree86-FontServer-4.4.0  XFree86-NestServer-4.4.0
XFree86-PrintServer-4.3.0_1  XFree86-Server-4.3.0_14
XFree86-VirtualFramebufferServer-4.4.0  XFree86-clients-4.4.0_1
XFree86-documents-4.3.0  XFree86-font100dpi-4.3.0
XFree86-font75dpi-4.3.0  XFree86-fontCyrillic-4.3.0
XFree86-fontDefaultBitmaps-4.3.0  XFree86-fontEncodings-4.4.0
XFree86-fontScalable-4.4.0_1  XFree86-libraries-4.4.0_1
XFree86-manuals-4.3.0  Xaw3d-1.5  acroread-5.08  ...

What am I doing wrong?  Better yet, what am I doing!?  Thanks in advance
for the help.

What do I do here?  What is it asking for?

Ralph M. Los
  Information Security Archtiectr, Auditor
	Ralph at boundariez

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