NIS - FreeBSD server and Linux clients

Tom Munro Glass tom at
Sat May 29 22:50:27 PDT 2004

> This should work; I've got a Linux machine at work succesfully
> authenticating NIS accounts against a FreeBSD server.  I believe
> that the differences in passwd files are strictly in the master.passwd
> (FreeBSD) and shadow (Linux) files; the files /etc/passwd have the
> same format in both OS'.
> I'd suspect problems in the way the clients have been configured.
> Check that the password and group files have been set up correctly
> (I screw up the sequence of plus signs and colons regularly), and
> that the NIS domain has been set.

So how does Linux authenticate the password? 'ypwhich -m' shows passwd.byname, 
passwd.byuid, master.passwd.byname, master.passwd.byuid but of course there 
is no shadow.byname or shadow.byuid.

I believe that I have the passwd and group files set up correctly on the Linux 
machines, and I don't really know where to look next.


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