Tool to rotate AVIs? - virtualdub

David Gerard fun at
Sat May 29 07:54:25 PDT 2004

On 05/29/04 13:42, David Gerard wrote:

> It does video clips as AVIs. The AVIs are viewable in KDE3 aKtion!,
> so that's fine. But I'm after a tool to rotate them from landscape
> to portrait, losslessly. I know this can be done with JPEGs using
> jpegtran to manipulate the file - is a similar trick possible with
> AVIs? Or only with certain formats of AVI? How do I tell? etc.

Looks like the least worst answer is VirtualDub
(, an open source Windows application
that apparently does run (to a greater or lesser degree) under
Wine. I do have a Windows box to hand if needed ...

- d.

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